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ТЕМА: Criminal attack against BLISSTOOL. Disinformation and fake products.

Criminal attack against BLISSTOOL. Disinformation and fake products. 23 Ное 2014 18:10 #24784

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Criminal attack against BLISSTOOL. Disinformation and fake products.

Official announcement of BLISSTOOL manufacturer.

23.11.2014, Bulgaria.

The trademark and the brand BLISSTOOL / БЛИСТУЛ are created by Ahmed Merchev in 2007, as Ahmed Merchev is the sole owner of BLISSTOOL Ltd (manufacturer of all original products under the brand BLISSTOOL).

BLISSTOOL is a registered international trademark of Ahmed Merchev and BLISSTOOL Ltd and only Ahmed Merchev and BLISSTOOL Ltd are authorized to manufacture products under the brand BLISSTOOL.

The trademark BLISSTOOL is registered by Ahmed Merchev / BLISSTOOL Ltd for development, manufacturing and distribution of metal detectors and metal detecting accessories such as but not limited to: search coils, headphones, battery chargers, protectors and covers, etc.

The trademark and the logo BLISSTOOL are registered by Ahmed Merchev / BLISSTOOL Ltd throughout the European Union, USA, Australia, China, Turkey and 10-15 other countries, ie Ahmed Merchev / BLISSTOOL Ltd hold the rights on the international trademark BLISSTOOL.

All original BLISSTOOL products are manufactured by BLISSTOOL Ltd in Bulgaria.

Because of the great popularity of the brand BLISSTOOL, malicious persons through criminal acts and criminal methods such as unfair competition, misinformation, forgery, anti-advertising and others are trying to harm BLISSTOOL and to increase their own sales.

In recent months, the person Vladimir Lilov (manufacturer of Golden Mask metal detectors and owner of GM METALDETECTORS Ltd and VE EL ELECTRONICS Ltd) and persons associated with him, spread false information about BLISSTOOL, Ahmed Merchev and BLISSTOOL Ltd, intended to harm of the current sales and the image of BLISSTOOL.

The person Vladimir Lilov personally prepare and distribute fake products under the brand BLISSTOOL to sow chaos and to worsen the image of BLISSTOOL. For this purpose, he advertise counterfeit products (counterfeit search coils with names Super Blisstool Coil SBC10.5 and similar, stereo headphones with names Blisstool SBW-666, Blisstool TR-666, etc. produced by his order in Bulgaria and China) with video on the Internet, as through fraud and forgery he presents the original BLISSTOOL products (search coils, etc.) in a bad light to promote his fake products.

The person Vladimir Lilov used false identities on the Internet, usually presented themselves for others without the actual affected persons to be involved.

The person Vladimir Lilov use email addresses containing in its name the words: rexdetectors, metaldetector_s and similar, for distribution of false and incorrect information about BLISSTOOL.

The person Vladimir Lilov spread false and incorrect information about BLISSTOOL, also with YouTube video channels with names: As Dedektor, Blisstool LTC64 and nufrii.

The person Vladimir Lilov spread false and incorrect information about BLISSTOOL, also in internet forums for metal detectors with usernames: slomobi, Golden Mask, gmmetaldetectors, Владко_тарикатко, As Dedektor and others.

The behavior of the person Vladimir Lilov is not only worthy, but it is criminal and punishable by law.

BLISSTOOL has long been the market leader in the segment of IB metal detectors with greater depth of detection, but the Golden Mask as a company, with their devious practices and unfair competition, more like of a incorrect unscrupulous merchant, in this most banal.

In parallel with this case, in recent months, several Turkish companies distributing counterfeit detectors under the brand BLISSTOOL and model name BLISSTOOL LTC V3 written in red lettering. These products are easily distinguished from the originals ( www.blisstool.com ), since they differ in appearance and design. BLISSTOOL manufacturer has already interrupted the advertising of these counterfeit products and working on finding the person who produced them (these counterfeit metal detectors are manufactured in Bulgaria and Turkey from competitive manufacturer of BLISSTOOL).

Patent & Trademark lawyers of BLISSTOOL in Bulgaria and USA are already involved in these cases and yet the bringing to justice of all involved persons, because of their criminal activity and the damage they cause to the brand BLISSTOOL.

In this respect, with the present announcement, BLISSTOOL manufacturer inform its customers and distributors not to succumb to provocations and not to buy fake products (search coils, stereo headphones, etc.) distributed by such malicious persons.

BLISSTOOL manufacturer recommends purchasing of only original BLISSTOOL search coils ( www.blisstool.com ), as only they provide 100% performance with the BLISSTOOL metal detector because of the individual fine factory setting of each set metal detector + search coils.

The fake products may decrease the parameters or to damage your original BLISSTOOL metal detector.

To avoid fakes, BLISSTOOL manufacturer recommends the purchase BLISSTOOL products only from BLISSTOOL manufacturer and the authorized BLISSTOOL distributors, current list of which is available on the official website of BLISSTOOL at the following address:


Only entered there distributors sell original BLISSTOOL products.

If you have any doubt about the originality of the purchased BLISSTOOL product you can make a request to the BLISSTOOL manufacturer or to the authorized BLISSTOOL distributors to verify its authenticity.

For any additional information on fakes products can alert BLISSTOOL manufacturer via email: Този имейл адрес е защитен от спам ботове. Трябва да имате пусната JavaScript поддръжка, за да го видите.

Best Regards,

Ahmed Merchev
(President, sole owner and chief developer of BLISSTOOL)

Този имейл адрес е защитен от спам ботове. Трябва да имате пусната JavaScript поддръжка, за да го видите.
BLISSTOOL металдетектори: www.blisstool.com, Този имейл адрес е защитен от спам ботове. Трябва да имате пусната JavaScript поддръжка, за да го видите., GSM: 0883450667, Skype: blisstool, ahmed_merchev, Лице за контакт: Ахмед Мерчев
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